All You Need To Know About Hard Drive Failure

Let’s face it: hard drive failure can occur at anytime. There is totally no warning for the hard drive failure, and in many cases, it is likely to happen when you least expect it. It is important for you to equip yourself with some information concerning a backup plan and also the need for a reliable plan for the same. Failure to back up your data or information may cost you much in terms of losing important data, which may have been stored on the hard drive.

drive-doctorSecondly, hard drive failure must be detected early enough. If you notice that your hard drive is producing loud clicking sounds when it is powered, do not just look at it without taking action. This may cost you so much. There could be some further damage if you do not take care of this problem as fast as possible. You also need to know that proper handling of your disk drives is very important. 20% of the hard drive failure is caused basically by mishandling of the hard drives. This therefore, means that you should ensure that they are stored under the right temperatures. They should also be protected from water and heat. Do not subject your hard drives to physical damages.

How To Deal With Hard Drive Crash

Nobody is too special to escape hard drive failure. It occurs to everybody’s machine whether an expert or not. However, one can take some safety measures to avoid hard drive failures or crashes. One, ensure that all your data has some back up somewhere else other than a hard drive. You may decide (more…)

NT Security Tips

Password age is an important setting that many managers tend to ignore, especially in smaller networks. That’s a mistake, because invoking this option forces users to change their passwords regularly.

secureBut keep your accounts under close surveillance for unusual usage statistics. For that matter, a regular inventory of all your user accounts is a good idea, especially in larger networks where more than one administrator has the right to add or remove users. Delete dead accounts and passwords.

2. Organize and document user permissions in functional groups.

Many network managers often neglect the importance of each user name. This is an extremely important facet not only of network security but of network organization in general. Be careful during the process of assigning user names and be sure to document the process.

User names are as central to the NT security model as passwords are. Proper user names and passwords work in conjunction during the logon process to ensure legitimate access

About Laptops, Storage Solutions And Other Failures

Laptop HD recovery was once considered very tough and almost impossible in the past. This is not the case anymore because there are lots of professional people that work in this field and they can recover data from corrupt drives very easily. The time of HD recovery depends upon the kind of failure that your hard drive has. If your hard drive is facing software failure then, it can be resolved even in an hour. You also have to choose the recovery service carefully because there are lots of rookie technicians working in this field. Always trust a thorough professional that has experience in this field. Look for some successful cases that he has handled. There are very specific tools that are used in this field and most of the times people make these tools themselves. There are no ready-made tools for HD recovery and when it comes to recovering from hard ware failure then it takes lots of experience and very thorough knowledge of inside circuitry. They may charge you extra for hardware3 failures and if you have some critical data that you always want then you should never hesitate to pay the price. Just make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate and qualified person.

Don't freak out if your drive fails. Get help!

Don’t freak out if your drive fails. Get help!

Reuse Your Hard Drive After HD Recovery

Hard disk can get corrupted due to lots of reasons and a computer becomes useless without a hard disk. It is always better to back up your critical data because reliability of modern hard disk is very less. There are two kinds of issues that your hard drive can face and one of these issues is software problems. Software problems are more frequent and there are easy solutions available to these problems. There are professional HD recovery firms working and these firms can recover data from all kinds of software issues. They have tailor made software for all kinds of issues and they guarantee HD recovery. Hardware failure can also occur in your hard drive and when hard drive failure occurs, you need different set of tools to diagnose and repair it. Modern HD recovery firms not only give you your lost data back but they also give you your hard drive back in working condition. You can reuse that hard drive for a long time. Just make sure that cost of HD recovery is not very high and also time of HD recovery should not be very long. Keep these things in mind and make sure that you do a timely HD recovery.

Instant Methods Of Recovery

Hard disks can get corrupted due to lots of different reasons and the nature of the failure is also different in different scenarios. If your computer is still working but few drives of your hard drive are not responding then the problem becomes easily resolvable. There are many free versions of HD recovery software that you can use. Most of these software have the capacity to solve minor problem easily and you can get your lost data back easily. If these software do not work on your hard drive then you can turn towards professional help. There are many recovery firms that offer their services with a very affordable price. Especially when the problem (more…)

How To Handle A Hard Drive Crash

Whenever most people experience a hard drive crash they end up becoming worried and they end up taking desperate measures to get their hard drive back to work. It does not always work and you can end up damaging the hard drive more and lose all your data that was on the hard drive. It is essential to note that a hard drive crash is a good possibility for any computer and there is nothing much you can do. The most you can do is to delay the hard drive crash. There are a number of ways you can tackle this problem that can knock on your door at any time.

SSD drives can fail also!

SSD drives can fail also!

You can get the software that is available on the market to help you out with your problem. There are some software products that are free versions and others that need to be purchased for the same purpose. There are very many service providers that recover hard drive crashes and all you have to do is choose a reputable service provider to see you through your problem. Most often people with the problem are torn between using the free version or the paid for version of the data recovery software that will handle their hard drive crash.

Identifying Hard Drive Crashes

As a computer user, you will at one point or another experience a hard drive crash. The reasons for such a crash are varied, and can be virus attacks or system malfunctions. When such things usually happen, we get worried, and panic at the thought of losing all the important files that were saved. If you have no deep knowledge about computers and how they work, the first thought will be to call a computer repair shop. It’s a good move on your part, since you eliminate any risk of further damage to the system.

For the experienced user, it is good to find out what caused the hard drive crash. If the crash was as a result of physical damage, then an expert is the best bet at repairing it. Physical damage makes the components very difficult to figure out, and so, only an experienced professional can handle it. It is advised that you do not move the hard disk, in case doing so will cause some parts to dislodge or break even further.

If the hard disk crash was a result of logical problems, for example an operating system malfunction, then you can do the data recovery process yourself. With the help of downloadable software, you can access the hard disk, recover the (more…)

CE Was An Interesting Beast

“The best fit for CE today is in places where there’s a visual user interface,” said Paul Zorfass, lead embedded analyst at First Technology Inc. He cited consumer-electronics applica-tions, along with smart phones, vehicle navigation systems and designs requiring interapplication connectivity.

Paul Rosenfeld, director of marketing at Microtec, believes the “bottom line” is that “there are some apps that CE does really well now; there are some that it might do better in a year, when CE 3.0 comes along; and there are some that it’ll never do well.”

CE 3.0 will be best-positioned for broader design wins if it can meet specific technical targets, analyst Zorfass said. “Microsoft has to do two things: CE 3.0 has to have a good level of determinism, and it has to be configurable.” The latter would mean a truly modular implementation, probably including source code, which would enable customers to pick and choose the pieces of the OS they want to use.

Find A RAID Repair Agency That Offers Reasonably Priced Services

raid-arrays-serverWhen RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks first hit the market, a lot of people went frantic about it. The idea of having their bountiful files saved in just one device really made millions of computer users extremely excited. Because RAID is made up of several disks, it is capable of storing huge files. Unlike a single hard disk of which storage capacity is very limited, the space provided by RAID is enough to house an average person’s files. However, this system can also go on the blink. The controller which makes all of its disks functional can also break down. In an event like this, it is recommended to call a technician who is able to recover RAID arrays. Technicians who are certified efficient with executing repair for RAID arrays are employed by established companies. Make a research on highly regarded firms that offer RAID repairs through the internet. This facility can present you with hundreds of companies with this specialization. You can compare prices and elect for one that offers the service at the most reasonable price. Reviews and customer testimonials are great references you can use to locate a reputable RAID repair agency.

You cannot keep your files forever unless you make an effort to really take good care of them. Many people are now users of RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks because this concept can keep huge files. This system is made up of several hard disks which are run by a controller. Its capability to store numerous data is unbeatable. However, this attribute can also lead to some serious problems. RAID is often associated with data loss or deletion because of the volume of files it carries.

Unfortunately, one needs to hire a professional in recovery RAID array in case the disks stop running. This service is noticeable more expensive compared to repairing an ordinary single disk because of the complexity of the task. But if you really want your disks to get back to its working condition, you would not mind spending a few dollars for it. Not all technicians of RAID array can guarantee recovery of lost data. But the likelihood of having these files back is a big possibility if you will be prudent in choosing who to seek help from. Always go for a trusted technician and make sure he is part of an established company that has proper testing facilities.

What You Need to Know About Recovering Raid Array Drives

Controller breakdown is one of the most common errors that you can experience with Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Although it has been proven that RAID is a very helpful system that enables computer users to save sizeable files with ease, this can also prevent you from keeping your data protected. The disks that make up the system can be abused and when it happens the entire system will fail to deliver its function. Losing your data is the worst part of this scenario. Recovering RAID servers is a service that most computer repair companies have in store for people who will bump with this circumstance. This is a service that not all technicians can perform. One has to undergo intense training to be able to fix RAID errors. When hiring a technician to fix your RAID drive issue, make sure you are not blinded by low-cost quotations. It is understandable (more…)

64-Bit Chips – Still Underutilized?

Providing functional duplication of the key SP2s would mean incurring tremendous costs. So when IBM offered an alternative — its new 64-bit S70 — it took almost no time to make Holder a buyer.

“Economics was the key driver,” he says. “We brought in an S70 on a trial basis, and the loading of the apps was so much faster that it was obvious, even without tuning, the performance was there.”

Without bothering to do a detailed analysis, Holder concluded that a single S70 server would be sufficient to back up several SP2s and, down the road, would be able to scale well beyond current plans to increase capacity by installing even more SP2s in the future.

Now, the S70 hums away in a remote, unattended operation near Toronto, ready to shoulder the burden if necessary.

But while Holder clearly feels a 64-bit machine was the right solution for this particular problem, he, like other IT managers, is not yet

Managing Problems With Service Desk Software

mpwhdsPutting a company website entails a lot of risks. Despite the numerous problems that arise, service desk software provides proper management of tasks as well as solutions. This kind of software is downloaded and installed for the benefit of the customers and the professionals who are working on the website. Most of the time, problems are repetitive and solving it over and over again provides a lot of hassles. With the service desk software, automated answers are provided to customers as well as to the staff members. This process really saves time and effort considering that it is not difficult to manage the problems that arise unexpectedly.

Moreover, the software easily identifies the root cause of any problems. This is very helpful because once a problem is detected, solutions are provided right away. However, before this happens, the software categorizes all the concerns and prioritizes it accordingly. This is important because even the smallest problem is identified and solved. The …

Consumer Media Was Met Head On With Early Windows

RTOS vendors have moved quickly to gain a piece of any of these potentially lucrative markets for computer-like consumer devices. Integrated Systems Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) is already shipping its pSOS operating system in car-navigation systems, digital cameras, phones and Sony’s satellite set-top box. Wind River Systems Inc. (Alameda, Calif.) is shipping its VxWorks in satellite set-tops and digital cameras, and is working with Nortel on Internet-connected phones. The RTOS from QNX Software Systems Ltd. (Kanata, Ont.), which senior technical analyst Mal Raddalgoda compares with Windows CE in his article later in this section, is finding use in set-tops, DVD players, VCRs and telephones.

ceVRTX from the Microtec division of Mentor Graphics Corp. (Wilsonville, Ore.) is targeted at many of the same applications. Set-top-box maker General Instrument (Horsham, Pa.) is using it in its new DCT-1000. Jack Birnbaum, manager of digital technical software development at General Instrument, discusses the multimedia system later in this section. Scientific Atlanta (Norcross, Ga.) uses PowerTV’s

Hilarious Windows 98 Review!

This past summer, Microsoft released Windows 98 to a far more muted fanfare. Instead of prompting people to “Start it up,” the update to Windows 95 modestly promised tighter integration with the Web, a few performance tweaks, a slew of bug fixes, and an almost imperceptibly improved design. Because Win 98 looks a lot like its predecessor, and because many of its enhancements are actually found in Microsoft’s separately available Internet Explorer (IE) 4.01 Web browser, moving from Win 95 to 98 isn’t nearly the profound experience the previous upgrade was.

win98Of course, that makes the decision of whether to upgrade to Win 98 even tougher. To help you decide, we’ve gone under the hood to uncover the differences between Windows 95 and its newer, spiffier sibling. We point out what’s been improved, what remains the same, and what’s still sorely lacking. Then we discuss whether you should pay the $90 and move to Windows 98 right away, or wait