Consumer Portfolio Services: Best Options When Looking for Car Financing

Financing Options When Buying a Car: Is Consumer Portfolio Services the Best Option?

Consumer Portfolio Services is a company that offers financing for car purchases. They are one of the largest auto finance companies in America, and they provide funding to people with poor credit or no credit history, as well as those who have had bankruptcies or repossessions. However, not everyone knows about Consumer Portfolio Services and what their best options are when looking for car financing. In this blog post we’ll explore all your options and help you get started finding the right fit for you!

Consumer Portfolio Services

Consumer Portfolio Services has the following car financing options:

*Conventional loans – provides a loan at lower interest rates and with monthly payments of up to $5000. You may be eligible if you have an established credit history, but not guaranteed approval. Paid in installments over five years, or longer depending on your financial situation (the length is determined by how much money you make).

*Income-based loans – offers affordable monthly payment plans as low as $333/month for people who qualify based on income level and other criteria; however these are less common than conventional loans because they require more paperwork to process them.

*In-house financing – Consumer Portfolio Services offers this option primarily for car dealerships, but it can also be used as a personal loan. It is tailored to your needs and provides a low monthly payment with no prepayment penalty if you pay early. This type of lending is available only in certain states: Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Florida and Michigan (in order by availability).

Compared to other financing options, Consumer Portfolio Services offers competitive rates and flexible terms. Offering an easy path to ownership at the best possible price!