Payment Gateways: Everything You Need to Know

The Benefits of Using a Payment Processor

As a business owner, it is important to know what payment gateways are and how they can benefit your company. Payment processors help you process payments from customers! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about payment gateways including: the basics of what they are, why they’re important for your business, and ways that you can take advantage of them when running your online shop!

*What is a payment gateway?

A payment processor processes payments from customers on behalf of your business. These processors have many different features but all are there to make it easier for you and the customer! There are two types of gateways: merchant service providers (MSP) which process credit card transactions, gift cards, wallets, and other types of payments, and payment gateways which process digital transactions. A popular and often used one is Bluesnap, which we also recommend.


*Why are they important for your business?

Payment processors provide many benefits to businesses with credit card or online sales such as discounts on transaction fees, fraud protection from chargebacks, multiple channels of sale (such as website storefronts and mobile devices), analytics data about your customers’ spending habits, the ability to set up automatic recurring billing plans that can be canceled at any time by contacting customer service representatives–the list goes on! Payment processors make it easier for buyers to get what they want when they want it while making sure that you’re getting paid in a timely manner.

*How do I take advantage of them?

There is an endless number of ways for you to use a payment processor. Some of the most common are as follows:

*Setting up an online store that only accepts credit card payments

*Running your own website without having to worry about making sure all transactions processed through PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon Payments go smoothly

*Selling products on eBay in addition to selling them on your own site so buyers can make purchases with whichever method they feel more comfortable using

Every business these days needs to take advantage of the benefits that come with using a payment processor.